About Activity Daily Living

We offer a wide range of services to coordinate your home healthcare.

Activity in Daily Living believes that planning and communication are essential to ensuring you get the kind of care you and your family need. Our service coordinators will help participants identify their priorities and the special issues they may face and help them develop an Individual Service Plan (ISP). You and your family will get the information you need to make informed choices for your home healthcare and the help you need to stay on the road to health.

Service Coordination services

  • Facilitating the comprehensive individual service plan development process;
  • Gaining access to needed services and other State Plan services, as well as needed medical, social, educational and other services, regardless of the funding source;
  • Coordinating the provision of services and supports;
  • Locating qualified service providers;and
  • Tracking and conducting ongoing review of service delivery

ADL, Inc. believes that Service planning is a critical aspect of Service Coordination because the service planning process is how we ensure that the goals, preferences, and needs of each participant are expressed and implemented. Service Coordinators plays a key role in assuring that participants actively engage in the identification of their service needs and the development of an Individual Service Plan (ISP). Service Coordinators must ensure that participants have the information needed to make informed decisions, and that they fully understand all service options available to them.

Services offered by ADL Coordination Services:

  • Face-to-face visits with the participant; at least annually or more frequently based on the participant’s needs, to discuss and plan care.
  • Periodic review of the ISP with the participant; including updating the ISP at least annually & whenever a participant’s needs change.
  • Assistance for the participant and his or her family in identifying and choosing qualified providers of needed services.
  • Information about support that’s necessary to address the identified needs of the participant.
  • Visits with the participant’s family and any service providers, like home aides, in order to monitor and get updates on the health & welfare of participants.
  • Response to emergency situations to ensure that appropriate actions are taken, and the health & welfare of the participant are protected.
  • Evaluation & reassessment of progress toward identified goals.
  • Striving daily to meet your expectations & see that you’re satisfied.